History of Art and Architecture

Graduate Resources

Graduate Program Handbook

This handbook explains degree requirements, fellowship and other financial aid opportunities, teaching assistantships, advising and evaluation procedures, and expectations for both students and faculty. Remember to consult the Graduate Studies Academic Resources website for further details on administrative requirements, and to keep abreast of announcements from the department’s Graduate Administrator and Director of Graduate Studies.

  • Graduate Program Handbook  PDF

Instructor Manual

  • Manual for Instructors in History of Art and Architecture  PDF

HAA Forms

  • PhD Tracking Form  Word
  • PhD Tracking form for students entering with an MA  Word
  • Prelim Form  Word | PDF
  • Summary of Annual PhD Committee Meeting  Word | PDF
  • Prospectus Form  Word | PDF
  • Application to Candidacy (ABD)  PDF
  • Term Assessment for Graduate Courses  Word
  • Second Term MA Paper Committee Meeting  Word | PDF
  • Fourth Semester Review Cover Sheet  Word | PDF
  • External Coursework Form  Word
  • Graduate Student Mentoring Contract  Word

TA/TF/GSA Contracts

  • TA/TF Contract for Grader  Word | PDF
  • TA/TF Contract for Recitation Leader  Word | PDF
  • GSA Contract for Gallery Assistant  Word | PDF
  • GSA Contract for Research Assistant  Word | PDF
  • GSA Contract for Visual Media Workshop Assistant  Word | PDF

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