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Barnes Presents at European and Eurasian Undergraduate Research Symposium

On March 31, undergraduate student Margaret Barnes will present her paper "She Ruled Our King" at the European and Eurasian Studies Undergraduate Symposium. 
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Sarah Daiker Receives Fellowship at Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has awarded graduate student Sarah Daiker with the Jane and Morgan Whitney Fellowship
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Christopher Nygren Speaks at University of Massachusetts Amherst

On March 21, Christopher Nygren presented his paper “Salt, Water, and Stone: The Ecology of Art in Renaissance Venice,” at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
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HAAARCH!!! 2023

HAAARCH!!! is an annual showcase of undergraduate accomplishments which will take place in person at Frick Fine Arts on Friday, March 31
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Between Wonder and Omen: Conjoined Twins from Constantinople to Norman Sicily

In the year 944, two wonders arrived in the city of Constantinople from foreign lands: First, a textile that had Christ's face miraculously imprinted on it, known as the Mandylion. Second, male conjoined twins from Armenia. In this talk, Pr. Betancourt, University of California Irvine will focus on the depiction of these twins in a historical chronicle known as the Madrid Skylitzes. 

Male Bodies Unmade Book Talk

Jongwoo Jeremy Kim, Associate Professor of Critical Studies, Art History and Theory, at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Art, would read short excerpts from his forthcoming book Male Bodies Unmade: Picturing Queer Selfhood (University of California Press, fall 2023) and share his thoughts on being together in difference.

Dissertation Defense: Emi Finkelstein

Emi Finkelstein Dissertation Defense: "Beyond the Wall: Orienting, (Re)Constructing and Globalizing Post-Socialist Museums in the Former German Democratic Republic"

The Frick Reflects/Making Space to Ask Questions

Melanie Groves, visiting lecturer in museum studies, will present the exhibition The Frick Reflects: Looking Back, Moving Forward which she co-curated in 2020 for The Frick Pittsburgh.