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The James and Susanne Wilkinson Research Prize for Outstanding Scholarship on Topics in Premodern Art

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Arts & Sciences Graduate Dean's Office Fellowships

The Arts and Sciences Dean's Office has a variety of fellowships that are by invitation only; the HAA department nominates candidates. These fellowships include:

Arts & Sciences Fellowships

A&S Fellowships are used to recruit doctoral students of exceptional promise and ability either when they first enroll in the PhD program or for later years. They carry a stipend plus remission of tuition. The stipend includes fund with which to purchase health insurance. No service is required.

Andrew Mellon Predoctoral Fellowships

These fellowships are awarded to students of exceptional promise and ability when they have advanced to the dissertation stage. They carry a stipend plus remission of tuition. No service is required.

University Center for International Study (UCIS)

UCIS is a consortium of area study Centers funded by money from the U.S. government. Through the FLAS program the Centers offer money for both summer and academic year language study. They also offer other independent travel and research monies, from both federal and corporate sources. Please note that FLAS Fellowships are only open to US citizens and permanent residents. Academic-year FLAS fellowships require departmental nomination and ranking. You must submit your application to the Graduate Secretary in January (deadline to be announced) to be forwarded to the appropriate center.

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UCIS Fellowships (General)

International Studies Fund: for travel and research, $1000 maximum, March 15 deadline

Nationality Room Scholarships: varying amounts to fund summer language programs or other summer programs abroad. Open to US citizens or permanent residents, January deadline

History of Art and Architecture Department Funding

Departmental funds are available to students from their second year and following to support language study, dissertation research travel, and/or conference presentation. Those funds are limited and we require students to exhaust the available university resources before applying for additional or supplementary funding from HAA.

The James and Susanne Wilkinson Research Prize for Outstanding Scholarship on Topics in Premodern Art

The Department of History of Art and Architecture is pleased to announce a Research Prize in the amount of $4000.00 to be awarded each year to an outstanding graduate student paper on a topic in premodern art.  The award is named in honor of James and Susanne Wilkinson, whose generous and longtime support has helped the department to maintain its tradition of scholarly excellence.  The primary purpose of this award is to encourage and recognize superior scholarship on art produced in all regions of the world before the mid-19th century, or the advent of artistic modernism.  The award is also intended to support continuing research, including travel to sites, collections, and archives, as may be needed for the completion of the winning candidate’s graduate degree.  To that end, in addition to the paper, all submissions must include a one-page summary of the research the candidate intends to pursue with the award.  The summary should state how that research relates to the completion of the degree and the candidate’s pursuit of his or her scholarly goals.     

The Wilkinson Prize is open to all graduate students who are currently enrolled in the Department of History of Art and Architecture.  Submissions will be accepted in February of each academic year.  The chair of the department will appoint an ad hoc committee of three History of Art and Architecture faculty members.   At its discretion, the faculty committee may decide not to confer an award in a given year if it determines that none of the entries merits the prize.  At the request of the donor, James Wilkinson, he will be permitted to read all essay submissions after the faculty committee has decided the award.  The award winner will be announced in March of each year and his or her name will be included in the list of honorees celebrated at the department’s annual graduation ceremony.  

Application Requirements:

The candidate must be currently enrolled in the graduate program of the Department of History of Art and Architecture.  This award is intended to assist in the completion of the PhD, and therefore should be used for research and travel expenses incurred prior to the conferral of the degree.  Winning this award will have no impact on the candidate’s eligibility for other research and travel awards made available through the department.  
Entries are to be no more than 50 pages in length, including notes and illustrations.  They may be dissertation chapters, MA papers, seminar papers, independent study research papers, or articles completed and published while the student has been in residence in the program.  All entries must be properly edited and free of typographical errors.  Good quality illustrations must also be supplied, as appropriate.

Ineligible for this award are:

• book-length manuscripts, completed dissertations, and published volumes;
• students who have concluded their field research and/or are in the final writing stages of the dissertation;
• papers completed either prior to enrollment, or after award of the terminal MA or PhD degree in this department.

Guidelines on resubmission:

Students may reapply for this award as long as they are not previous winners of the award, and as long as the entry is substantively different than the previous year’s entry.  It should be on a different topic, include new research, show significant revision in scope and/or refinement.  It should not, in other words, be the same exact entry as was submitted the year before.  

The application must include:

• the candidate’s essay to be considered for the award;
• a short paragraph describing the origin of the writing sample and its place in the candidate’s degree work; and
• a one-page summary of the research the candidate intends to pursue with the award and how that research relates to the candidate’s completion of the degree and his or her scholarly goals.

Required follow-up report:

The Wilkinson Prize winner must submit a short (ca. 150 word) summary of research completed with the assistance of the prize, within one year of the award.  This report will be included in an annual report to the donors of what has been achieved with their assistance. Prize winners will also convene a committee of graduate students working in the area of premodern art sometime in spring or early fall after winning the award.  This committee will prepare a ranked list of outside scholars to be invited to give a Wilkinson lecture.  That list will be reviewed by the faculty in a fall department meeting and a speaker solicited to come to campus the following academic year.

Funding Opportunities for Conference Travel

Before applying to the HAA department for travel funds, graduate students must exhaust the funding possibilites offered by the Dean's office and campus graduate orgranizations. Read more»

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