History of Art and Architecture

Graduate Courses

Core Courses

HAA 2005: Methods

HAA 2007: Historiography

HAA 2970: Pedagogy Theory

Topics Courses

HAA 1025/2025: History and Ethics of Collecting and Collections (Fozi)

HAA 2008: Constellations of Art History: Agency and the Practice of Art History (Savage)

HAA 2200: Cultural Identities in Medieval Europe (Fozi)

HAA 2300: Image, Art, Thing in the Renaissance (Nygren)

HAA 2400: Queer Modernisms (Taylor)

HAA 2400: Configuring Disciplines: Representation in the Human and Natural Sciences (Armstrong and Ellenbogen)

HAA 2400: Studies in Visual Knowledge (Ellenbogen)

HAA 2400: Embodying Empire in the Atlantic World (Josten)

HAA 2400: The Cold War (McCloskey)

HAA 2400: Cosmopolitan Visions (Rajagopalan)

HAA 2400: Urban Modernities (Rajagopalan)

HAA 2400: The Living and the Dead (Savage)

HAA 2400: War and Visual Culture (Savage)

HAA 2401: Contemporary Curatorial Thought and Discourse (Smith)

HAA 2401: Modernisms Reimagined After Contemporary Art (Smith)

HAA 2401: Contemporaneity - Special Topics in Contemporary Art (Smith)

HAA 2600: Contemporary Chinese Art (Gao)

HAA 2600: Chinese Art in Ritual Context (Linduff)

HAA 2601: Women, Objects, and Rituals (Gerhart)

HAA 2601: Secrecy in Japanese Art & Culture (Gerhart)

HAA/LIS 3600: The Digital and the Humanities (Langmead)