History of Art and Architecture


Courses in Italics are core requirement courses for at least one of our majors.

Courses in Bold are offered frequently

*Course does not meet any DSAS gen ed requirements and is rarely offered.



Introductory Level

HAA 0010

  Intro to World Art

HAA 0018

  Death in the Ancient World

HAA 0020

  Intro to Asian Art

HAA 0030

  Intro to Modern Art

HAA 0042/ARC 0180

  World Cities

HAA 0050

  Intro to Medieval Art

HAA 0065

  The Viral Image

HAA 0070

Art of Europe

HAA 0090

Intro to Contemporary Art

HAA 0101

Foundation of Art History

HAA 0105

Art and Empire

HAA 0125

Museums, Society and Inclusion?

HAA 0150

Ancient Art

HAA 0160

Ancient Empire

HAA 0165

Gods and Kings: Art in Ancient Mesopotamia

HAA 0220*

The Medieval Book

HAA 0302

Renaissance Art

HAA 0350

Baroque Art

HAA 0380

Art of the Spanish World: Religion, Identity & the Art of Accommodation

HAA 0425

Digital Humanity

HAA 0470

Photography and Art

HAA 0501

American Art

HAA 0520

Art and Politics in Modern Latin America

HAA 0620

Art of China

HAA 0640

Art of Japan

HAA 0730/ARC 0114

Art and Architecture of the Muslim World

HAA 0810*

Experimental Cinema

HAA 0965/ARC 0182

The City of Rome and its Architecture: From Aeneas to Zaha Hadid

ARC 0110

Approaches to the Built Environment

ARC 0112

Global Architecture 1

ARC 0116

Global Architecture 2

ARC 0153

Medieval Architecture

ARC 0177*

Frank Lloyd Wright



Advanced Level or Low-Enrollment Seminar or Project-Based Courses:

HAA 0460

Art in Public: Inclusion, Identity and Activism

HAA 1010

Approaches to Art History Writing Seminar

HAA 1011/ARC 1182

Pittsburgh Neighborhoods

HAA 1019

Curatorial Development

HAA 1021

Inside the Museum

HAA 1022

Exhibition Presentation

HAA 1025

History and Ethics of Collecting

HAA 1026

Exhibitions: From World’s Fairs to Global Biennials

HAA 1027/ARC 1340

Heritage Sites

HAA 1050 

World Art: Contact and Conflict

HAA 1110 

Greek Art

HAA 1130 

Roman Art

HAA 1230* 

Pagans and Christians: The Early Middle Ages

HAA 1240* 

Romans after Rome

HAA 1255* 

Gothic Art

HAA 1305* 

Early Renaissance Architecture

HAA 1440


HAA 1450

Art and Politics in the Weimar Republic

HAA 1455

Art in the Third Reich and Memorializations of the Holocaust

HAA 1490 

Art since 1945

HAA 1520/ARC 1138

Black Built America: Architectures of Black Resistance in the U.S.

HAA 1630* 

China: Village & Urban Architectural Space

HAA 1641          

Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art

HAA 1652 

Japan: Buddhist Art and Ritual

HAA 1990 

20th-Century Russian Art: Between East and West

ARC 1118* 

Architecture Since 1945

ARC 1136* 

Early American Architecture

ARC 1137* 

American Architecture since Industrialization

ARC 1152 

Roman Architecture

ARC 1153* 

Early Christian and Byzantine Architecture

ARC 1154*

Constructing the Gothic

ARC 1156*

High Renaissance Architecture

ARC 1158*

Architecture and Enlightenment

ARC 1160

Architecture: Image, Text, Theory (Writing Seminar)

ARC 1161*

Modernity, Modernism and Housing

ARC 1162 

Campus Community Workshop (Writing Seminar) 

ARC 1180*

World Cities

ARC 1181*

Pittsburgh Architecture and Urbanism

ARC 1182

Pittsburgh Neighborhoods

ARC 1183

Digital Roman Africa: Visualizing Architecture and Urbanism in Roman North Africa

ARC 1310*

Preservation – Texts and Theory

ARC 1330*

Global Preservation


Architectural Studies Studio and Digital Media Courses:

ARC 0201

Foundations Studio 1

ARC 1201

Architecture Design Studio 1

ARC 1202

Architecture Design Studio 2

ARC 1203

Architecture Design Studio 3

ARC 1204

Architecture Design Studio 4

ARC 1320

Documentation and Conservation Studio

ARC 1911

Architecture and Digital Media 1

ARC 1912

Architecture and Digital Media 2