History of Art and Architecture



HAA 0010 Introduction to World Art

HAA 0020 Introduction to Asian Art

HAA 0030 Introduction to Modern Art

HAA 0040 Introduction to Western Architecture

HAA 0070 Art of Europe

HAA 0101 Foundation in Art History

HAA 0102 Pro-Seminar for Undergraduate Majors

HAA 0302 Renaissance Art

HAA 0425 Digital Humanity

HAA 0480 Modern Architecture

HAA 0640 Art of Japan

HAA 0940 Approaches to the Built Environment

HAA 1010 Approaches to Art History

HAA 1020 Museum Studies Exhibition Development

HAA 1025 History and Ethics of Collecting

HAA 1030 Special Topics Museum Studies

HAA 1040 Architecture: Image, Text, Theory



HAA 0050 Intro to Medieval Art

HAA 0090 Intro to Contemporary Art

HAA 0105 Art and Empire

HAA 0150 Ancient Art

HAA 0160 Ancient Empires

HAA 0380 Art of the Spanish World

HAA 0470 Photography and Art

HAA 0520 Art and Politics in Modern Latin America

HAA 0620 Art of China

HAA 0810 Experimental Cinema

HAA 1050 World Art: Contact and Conflict

HAA 1103 Religions of Ancient Egypt (a Religious Studies course that is cross-listed with our department)

HAA 1105 Jerusalem: History and Imagination (a Religious Studies course that is cross-listed with our department)

HAA 1160 Roman Architecture

HAA 1230 Pagans and Christians: The Early Middle Ages

HAA 1240 Romans after Rome

HAA 1304 Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael: Painting in 16th-c. Italy

HAA 1305 Early Renaissance Architecture

HAA 1306 High Renaissance Architecture

HAA 1490 Art since 1945

HAA 1510 Pittsburgh Architecture and Urbanism

HAA 1530 Early American Architecture

HAA 1531 American Architecture Since Industrialization

HAA 1652 Japan: Buddhist Art and Ritual

HAA 1656 Japan: Architecture as Performative Space

HAA 1692 Buddhist Civilization along the Silk Road (a Religious Studies course that is cross-listed with our department)

HAA 1820 Documentary Film

HAA 1907 Architecture and the City in Central Europe (Summer course, taught in Vienna, Prague, Zagreb, and Ljubljana)

HAA 1922 Preservation: Texts and Theory

HAA 1920 Intro to Historic Preservation



HAA 0220 The Medieval Book

HAA 0221 Medieval Architecture

HAA 0240 The Medieval Patron

HAA 0310 Northern Renaissance Art

HAA 0350 Baroque Art

HAA 0460 Public Art

HAA 0490 Contemporary Art

HAA 0501 American Art 

HAA 0690 China: Landscape Painting and Nature

HAA 0820 World Film History

HAA 1250 Constructing the Gothic

HAA 1404 Modern Sculpture

HAA 1407 Architecture and Enlightenment

HAA 1410 Realism and Impressionism

HAA 1440 Expressionism

HAA 1441 Dada and Surrealism

HAA 1450 Art in the Weimar Republic

HAA 1455 Art in the Third Reich and Memorializations of the Holocaust

HAA 1475 Modernity, Modernism and Housing

HAA 1480 Architecture since 1945

HAA 1512 American Sculpture 

HAA 1605 Early China: Power and Identity

HAA 1630 China: Village and Urban Architectural Space

HAA 1640 20th century Chinese Art

HAA 1650 China's Archaeological Past

HAA 1653 Ancient East Asian Visual Traditions

HAA 1654 Early Japan: Material Culture and Ritual

HAA 1655 The World of Japan

HAA 1659 Language of Japanese Aesthetics

HAA 1660 Japan: Text and Image in Handscrolls

HAA 1675 Japan: Landscape Painting and Nature

HAA 1680 Japan: Artist and City

HAA 1806 American Independent Film

HAA 1810 Experimental Video

HAA 1880 World Cities

HAA 1923 Global Preservation