History of Art and Architecture

Honors Theses

Name Date Advisor


Amanda BartkoApr. 2018Taylor

"Instantaneous Ingenuity: Contemporary Artists and their use of Instagram"

Emily Kathryn Campbell Apr. 2018McCloskey

"Kameradschaft: Sculpture and the Cultural Politics of the Nazi Regime"

Ilana CurtisApr. 2018Rajagopalan

"Model Affordability: Mass Housing Solutions from Berlin to the Bronx"

Esra DaghestaniApr. 2018Rajagopalan

"Designing for Disaster: Student Design Competition Entries in Response to Natural Disasters"

Caroline FazziniApr. 2018Josten

"Bookworks as Networks: Feminist Artists' Book Projects of the 1980s-90s"

Rebecca Lee KoshnerApr. 2018Rajagopalan

"Eyes on the Strip: Past, Present, and Future of Pittsburgh's Strip District"

Annika Napier-SmithApr. 2018McCloskey

"Expressing Identity through Art: Reaching Pittsburgh's Teens Experiencing Homelessness"

Mairin PlantApr. 2018McCloskey

"St. George Rides Again: The Russian Nationality Room in the Era"

Ahona Raka SarkarApr. 2018Self

"How the Past Persists in Period Rooms: An Examination of the Sun Ka Raku Teahouse"

Abigail Frances SitesApr. 2018Armstrong and McCloskey

"Henry Clay Frick's Mansions: From Private to Public"

Imani WillifordApr. 2018Taylor

"The Art and Politics of Faith Ringgold's Children's Picture Books"

Lydia AndeskieApr. 2017Bender

"Rhetoric and Spectacle: What Historical Instances of Iconoclasm Can Tell Us About the Islamic State"

Mariah Flanagan

Apr. 2017Peters

“How We View Egypt: the Importance of Intertemporality in Museum Displays”

Elizabth HillApr. 2017Ellenbogen

“Child Labor Signified: Utility and Motion in Gustave Courbet's the Stonebreakers” 

Lin HouApr. 2017Rajagopalan

“The Triangle of  Sustainability: A comparative study of contemporary sustainable architecture in Beijing and Pittsburgh”

Katherine LipinskiApr. 2017Josten

“From Coca Plant to Cocaine: Metamorphosis in Hélio Oiticica: To Organize Delirium”

Marie ManskeApr. 2017Bender and Josten

"Nazi Rallies at Luna Park Stadium: Assessing the Visual Evidence" 

Angelica MarksApr. 2017Josten

“+43 Anti-Monument: A Critical Call to Reform through Popular Will”

Abigail MeloyApr. 2017Nygren

“Modalities of Visualizing the Divine: Image and Word in Lorenzo Lotto's Trescore Frescoes, Trinity, and Madonna of the Rosary ”

Max PoostApr. 2017Armstrong

"The Nine Mile Run Watershed: Tracing the Elements of Ecological Design"

Sonnie SolomonApr. 2017Ellenbogen

“Inside/Out: Reconsidering the Photographic Binary with LaToya Ruby Frazier's The Notion of Family”

Nikita CostantiniApr. 2016McCloskey

“Upside-Down in London: Georg Baselitz and His Entrance into the International Art Scene”

Meghan HippleApr. 2016Och

"Showing and Exposing: Re/encountering the Environment through American Painting, Photography, and Television."

Brianna HumbertApr. 2016Bender

“The Feminist Secretary: Activism, Typewriting, and the Gendering of Labor in the Work of Sheryl Oring”

Emily MiralesApr. 2016Weis

“Building a ‘City of Reference: The United States Botanic Garden and Washington, D.C.’ ”

Melissa QuartoApr. 2016Josten

“Performing Incanismo: Cultural Tourism at Machu Picchu, Peru”

Grace StrongApr. 2016Nygren

“Carlo Crivelli Matters: A View of the Renaissance from the ‘Periphery’ ”

Shengyu WangApr. 2016Smith

“Should Art Labor Be Free?”

O'Brien, AbbeyApr. 2015Josten

"Radical Muralism in Three Dimensions: A Reexamination of Siqueiros' New York Workshop"

Kelly, GraceApr. 2015Josten

"The University Studio: Oiticica, Rhodislandia, and Peripheral Strategies in Art Making"

Sova, MatthewApr. 2015Fozi

"Women and Empore: The Issue of Gendered Space in Ottonian Architecture"

Armstrong, KirstenApr. 2015Fozi

"Sprituality of Non-Sacred Space: Sanctifying a More Socialist Agenda"

Mosco, AllisonApr. 2015McCloskey

"Religion Transformed: The Christian Roots of a Secular Russian Craft"

Kilpatrick, KaleyApr. 2015Savage

"Flight 93 National Memorial, the African Burial Ground National Monument, and the Pursuit of Child-Appropriate Memorial Designs"

Gallagher, AliceApr. 2015Savage

"Creation and Contemplation: The Flight 93 Memorial and the National September 11th Museum"

Chen, LiyiApr. 2015Linduff

"Reinforcing Femininity: Exhibiting Empress Dowager and Marie Antoinette in the 21st Century"

Weber, Jonathon T.Apr. 2015Savage

"Faces of Empire: Social Discourse of Field Marshal, 1st Baron, Sir Jeffrey Amherst's Portraits Create in Life"

Horton, SarahApr. 2015Gao

"Methodological Suffering: Chinese Buddhism as a Tool in Zhang Huan's Early Performance Art"

Lue, KarenApr. 2015Savage

"The Politics of Display: Transnational Convergence in the Chinese Nationality Room"

Burgess, LaurenApr. 2014Bender

“Embodiment and Decoration: Henri Matisse’s Rosary Chapel in Vence, France”

DiBitetto, JamesApr. 2014Bender & Savage

“Curating Minimalism at the Carnegie Museum of Art”

Hazel, ChrisApr. 2014Armstrong

“Re-Thinking Architecture: A Call for a New Social Space”

Kemp, JoannaApr. 2014Bender

“The Encounters Project: Teaching Art History Outside of the University”

Kresse, KelseyApr. 2014Bender

“Tracey Emin’s My Bed: Creative Space and Mythic Consequences”

Marriott, ElizabethApr. 2014Eppihimer

“The Display of Cylinder Seals”

Meloy, GraceApr. 2014Bender

“Circulation, Access, and Tourist Experience: Berlin’s Center and Periphery as Cast Study”

Selya, StephanieApr. 2014Ellenbogen

“Painting with Light: The Composite World War I Photography of Frank Hurley”

Warren, JuliaApr. 2014Rajagopalan

“The Nature of the High Line: A Jacobsian Perspective on New Yorks ‘Park in the Sky’”

Williams, ElanaApr. 2014Ellenbogen

“Representing Genetic Disease in Modernity: Rick Guidotti as the Contemporary Medical Photographer”

Lu, SiqiaoDec. 2013Savage

“Antagonistic Therapy – Krzysztof Wodickzko’s Abraham Lincoln: War Veteran Projection

Castro, MariaApr. 2013McCloskey

“‘A Semana de Arte Moderna’ and the Creation of a Brazilian National Identity for Art in 1922”

Harris, KristinaApr. 2013Bender and Langmead

“Food for Thought: Rethinking the Process of Processing with Andy Warhol’s Time Capsules

Henke, KelseyApr. 2013Bailey

“Gender, Sexuality, and Subjectivity in Hipster Visual Culture”

Shine, TylerApr. 2013Ellenbogen

“Taboo Icons: The Photography of Andres Serrano and the Visual Politics of the Body”

Sweet, NatalieApr. 2013Bailey

“Pinning Up Venus: Origins of the Newbrow

DiDonna, GabrielaApr. 2012Ellenbogen“Reconstructing Vision: David Hockney’s Photocollage”
Goldstein, AlexandraApr 2012Armstrong"A.W.N. Pugin's Medieval Court in the Great Exhibition of 1851”
Haley, SarahApr. 2012McKim“Past, Present and Future: A Study of Pittsburgh’s ‘Ghost’ Signage”
Labash, ChanelleApr. 2012Harris“’Oriental’ Carpets in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Paintings”
Peterson, LucyApr. 2012Gerhart“Flowers: Form and Function in Medieval Japanese Handscrolls”
Ross, AllisonApr. 2012McCloskey“Kirchner’s Berlin Street Scenes: Embodying Modern Berlin”
Taylor, LaurenApr. 2012McCloskey“Representing Africa at the Carnegie Museum of Art”
Trum, StephanieApr. 2012McCloskey“’Tragedy of the People’: Representing Human Suffering in Moscow’s Victory Park”
Cooperstein, ShanaApr. 2011Ellenbogen“Likeness in Henri Cartier-Bresson’s Photo Portraits”
Jackson, TrudyApr. 2011Harris“Franz Landsberger and the Myth of the ‘Jewish’ Rembrandt”
Lue, JenniferApr. 2011Minglu“Woman as City: Depictions of Women and the City Urban Project in Chinese Contemporary Art"
Murin, CarolynApr. 2011Christian“Is Beauty Truth and Truth Beauty? Venetian Portraiture of the Sixteenth Century, Titian’s La Flora and La Bella"
Ostergaard, LieslApr. 2011Savage“Separation Barrier Graffiti at Bethlehem: Public Art in a Contested Area”
Williams, MarieApr. 2011McCloskey“Veshch'/Gegenstand/Objet: El Lissitzky and the Socialist Object in Western Europe”
Yadloskey, SherryApr. 2011McCloskey“Representations of the New Woman in Weimar Art and Political Propaganda”
Zhang, HanluApr. 2011Ellenbogen“Sontag Against Sontag: Problems in Photographic
Lewis, StephenApr. 2010Ellenbogen"Seeing Sound: Hans Jenny and the Cymatic Atlas"
Mansfield, PatrickApr. 2010Bender and McCloskey"Progression, Stasis and Gender: The Postage Stamp in East Germany"
McLaughlin, LaurenApr. 2010Christian"Dante Portraiture in the Time of Duke Cosimo I de'Medici: Bronzino's Mute Poetry-Two Allegories in Context"
Weingartner, AmyApr. 2010Ellenbogen"Monstrous Monsters in Modern China"