Museum Studies Minor Requirements

Effective Summer 2021, the Museum Studies Minor Requirements have been changed. The NEW requirements are as follows:

Foundation Requirements (6 credits):

Core Requirements (6 credits):

  • One ‘Museum Histories’ Course:
    • HAA 1025 History and Ethics of Collecting
    • HAA 1026 Exhibitions: Worlds’ Fairs to Biennials
    • HAA 1027 Heritage Sites
    • HAA 1030 Special Topics Museum Histories
  • One ‘Museum Practices’ Course:
    • HAA 1019 Curatorial Development
    • HAA 1022 Exhibition Presentation
    • HAA 1021 Inside the Museum
    • HAA 1031 Special Topics Museum Practices
    • HAA 1905 Museum Studies Internship*

Elective (3 credits):

Students take one additional course from the ‘Art and Its Publics’ list, the ‘Competency Course’ list, or any of the above courses not previously taken.

* This course has a pre- or co-requisite: HAA 0106 Museum Studies Internship Prep Workshop which would add 1 additional credit to the minor for students who pursue the internship.

Students who declare the Museum Studies Minor prior to Fall 2021 can continue to pursue the former requirements.

ONE Foundational Course from the following list (a pre-requisite to HAA 1020 and HAA 1025)-- (3 credits):

  • HAA 0010: Introduction to World Art
  • HAA 0020: Introduction to Asian Art
  • HAA 0030: Introduction to Modern Art
  • HAA 0090: introduction to Contemporary Art

THREE Core Courses -- (9 credits):

  • One of the following:
    • HAA 1019: Curatorial Development (offered every spring semester)
    • HAA 1022: Exhibiton Presentation (offered every fall semester, previously HAA 1020)
    • HAA 1021: Inside the Carnegie Museums
  • HAA 1025: History and Ethics of Collecting
  • HAA 1905: Museum Studies Internship, conducted with a museum institution or organization, archive or gallery in consultation with Alex Taylor (formerly HAA 1903: History of Art and Architecture Internship)

ONE Elective Course: (3 credits) – Students can select from the courses listed below, or choose a core course not already taken, or select a course from the ‘Art and Its Publics’ list or the ‘Competency Course’ list.:

  • ANTH 0582: Introduction to Archaeology
  • ANTH 0780: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • ANTH 1541: Cultural Resource Management
  • CLASS 0600: Introduction to Mediterranean Archaeology
  • HAA 1030: Special Topics – Museum Studies
  • INFOSCI 0010: Introduction to Information, Systems and Society
  • Any of the core courses (HAA 1019, HAA 1020, HAA 1021) not taken above

NOTE: In the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, up to eight credits may be overlapped between any two majors, two certificates, and/or a major and certificate. Up to eight credits may be overlapped between a major and minor and/or certificate and minor. Up to four credits may be overlapped between two minors.