History of Art and Architecture

Competency Courses

One of the following:

ANTH 1541           Cultural Resource Management
ANTH 1511           GIS in Archaeology
COMMRC 0300      Communication Process
COMMRC 0520      Public Speaking
COMMRC 1102      Organizational Communication
COMMRC 1162      Invention: Where do good ideas come from? (UHC)
COMMRC 1170      Cross Cultural Communication
ENGCMP 0420       Writing for the Public
ENGCMP 0520       Integrating Writing and Design
ENGCMP 0610       Composing Digital Media
ENGCMP 0641       Writing for Change
ENGCMP 1103       Public Relations Writing
ENGCMP 1112       Professional Uses of Social Media
ENGCMP 1400       Grant Writing
ENGCMP 1401       Writing for Fundraising and Development
ENGCMP 1410       Advanced Research and Documentary Writing
ENGCMP 1420       Writing Proposals for Business
ENGFLM 0401/       Intro to Visual Cultures
FMST 0130   
HIST 0760             Introduction to Public History
INFOSCI 0010        Intro to Information Systems and Society
PUBSRV 0050        Ethics and Accountability
PUBSRV 1200        Practices of Non-Profit Management
PUBSRV 1210        Financial Management of Non-Profit Organizations
PUBSRV 1230        Fundraising for Non-Profits
PUBSRV 1390        Theories of Leadership