History of Art and Architecture

Art and Its Publics Courses

Two of the following:

HAA 0010           Introduction to World Art
HAA 0020           Introduction to Asian Art
HAA 0030           Introduction to Modern Art       
HAA 0050           Introduction to Medieval Art                                                                
HAA 0070           Art of Europe
HAA 0090           Introduction to Contemporary Art
HAA 0105           Art and Empire
HAA 0160           Ancient Empires
HAA 0302           Renaissance Art
HAA 0380           Art of the Spanish World
HAA 0460           Art in Public: Inclusion, Identity, and Activism
HAA 0520           Art and Politics in Modern Latin America
HAA 0620           Art of China
HAA 1050           World Art: Contact and Conflict
HAA 1130           Roman Art
HAA 1304           Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael: Painting in 16th-c. Italy
HAA 1450           Art and Politics in the Weimar Republic
HAA 1455           Art in the Third Reich and Memorializations of the Holocaust
ARC 0110           Approaches to the Built Environment
ARC 0112           Architecture of the Pre-Modern World
ARC 0114           Islamic Architecture
ARC 0116           Modern Architecture
ARC 0153           Medieval Architecture
ARC 0182           The City of Rome and its Architecture  
ARC 1183           Digital Roman Africa
ARC 1330           Global Preservation
ANTH 0538         The Archaeologist Looks at Death
ANTH 0582         Intro to Archaeology
ANTH 0780         Intro to Cultural Anthropology
CLASS 0600       Intro to Mediterranean Archaeology
CLASS 0650       Archaeology of the Body
CLASS 1630       Marginality in the Ancient Greek World
COMMRC 1035   Visual Rhetoric
COMMRC 1103   Rhetoric and Culture: Urban Visual Culture
ENGFLM 1417     Film Festivals and Industry (FMST 1417)
ENGLIT 1412      Secret Pittsburgh
ENGLIT 1413      Humanities in the City
ENGLIT 1635      Children in Pittsburgh
RELGST 1148      Religions of Ancient Egypt
RELGST 1160      Jerusalem: History and Imagination
RELGST 1170      Archaeology of Israel/Palestine
RELGST 1240      Jews and the City
RELGST 1452      Hymns and Hip Hop: Sounds of Islam
RELGST 1520      Buddhism Along the Silk Road
RELGST 1802      Religyinz: Researching Religion in Pittsburgh