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Fall 2013 Visual Media Workshop News

Now in its third year, the Visual Media Workshop continues to move forward quickly with its mission to facilitate innovative multimodal research

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The James and Susanne Wilkinson Research Prize for Outstanding Scholarship on Topics in Premodern Art

The Department of the History of Art and Architecture is pleased to announce a Research Prize in the amount of $4000.00 to be awarded each year to an outstanding graduate student paper on a topic in premodern art.

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Carrie Weaver Colloquium

"Suppressing and Invoking the Dead: Necrophobia and Necromancy in Greek Sicily"

Constellation: Identity

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Fall 2013 Graduate Student News

Our graduate students continue to win prestigious fellowships, have plans in the works for a third issue of Contemporaneity, and are gearing up for another national conference to be held next fall 2014 on the topic of art and the construction of visual knowledge.

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Kirk Savage Friends of Frick Fine Arts Lecture

“The Unknowable Dead: The Civil War and the Origins of Modern Commemoration”

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Gülru Çakmak Colloquium

"Nineteenth-Century Technologies of Vision and the Panoramic Studium: The Case of Jean-Léon Gérôme"

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Henry Skerritt Colloquium

Is Art History Any Use to Aboriginal Artists? Art Historical Reflexivity and the Politics of Representation in Gabriel Maralngurra’s “Contact Paintings”

Constellation: Contemporaneity

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Gretchen Bender, Alison Langmead, and Barbara McCloskey Colloquium

Defining “Global” Understanding in the HAA Undergraduate Major: Assessment Methods, Breadth Requirements, and Disciplinary Skill

Constellation: Agency

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Isabelle Chartier and Rikke Foulke Colloquium

“Conservation of the University Art Gallery Collection”

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Franklin Toker Colloquium

“Archaeological Evidence for the Origins of Christianity in Florence"

Constellation: Visual Knowledge

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