History of Art and Architecture


The James and Susanne Wilkinson Lecture on Outstanding Scholarship in Premodern Art

"Coins, Cabinets, and Christ: On Agency in Titian's Christ with the Coin"

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Melissa Eppihimer Colloquium

“James Tassie’s Casts of ‘Persian’ Gems: a Paradox of 18th-Century Antiquarianism”

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Contemporaneity Journal Release

The online journal edited by the HAA graduate students is now live online.

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Julia Sienkewicz Colloquium

"Decomposing Landscapes: Benjamin Henry Latrobe's Renderings of Ruins in Early National Virginia"

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Mrinalini Rajagopalan Colloquium

“From Common Courtesan to Designing Dowager: The Architectural Projects of Begum Samru, 1806-1836”

Constellation: Environment, Identity

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Rachel Miller Colloquium

“The Indies Down Here:” Triumphant Imagery in the Jesuit Mission in Naples

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Brian Curran Lecture

"Of Gods and Monsters: An Egyptian Bestiary in Early Modern Rome"

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Gregory Smithsimon Lecture

"Public Space as an International Human Right: From Kiev to Cairo to New York City"

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Katheryn M. Linduff Colloquium

“Artifacts that Invoke the Aura and Authority of the Ancient”

Constellation: Identity

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Friends of Frick Fine Arts Lecture

"A Dome of Majestic Proportion" : Researching Cass Gilbert's West Virginia State Capitol, Drs. David and Ann Thomas Wilkins

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