History of Art and Architecture


Julia Sienkewicz Colloquium

"Decomposing Landscapes: Benjamin Henry Latrobe's Renderings of Ruins in Early National Virginia"

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Mrinalini Rajagopalan Colloquium

“From Common Courtesan to Designing Dowager: The Architectural Projects of Begum Samru, 1806-1836”

Constellation: Environment, Identity

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Rachel Miller Colloquium

“The Indies Down Here:” Triumphant Imagery in the Jesuit Mission in Naples

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Brian Curran Lecture

"Of Gods and Monsters: An Egyptian Bestiary in Early Modern Rome"

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Gregory Smithsimon Lecture

"Public Space as an International Human Right: From Kiev to Cairo to New York City"

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Katheryn M. Linduff Colloquium

“Artifacts that Invoke the Aura and Authority of the Ancient”

Constellation: Identity

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Friends of Frick Fine Arts Lecture

"A Dome of Majestic Proportion" : Researching Cass Gilbert's West Virginia State Capitol, Drs. David and Ann Thomas Wilkins

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Rachel Miller Awarded the First Annual Wilkinson Prize

History of Art and Architecture PhD candidate Rachel Miller is the recipient of the first annual James and Susanne Wilkinson Research Prize for Outstanding Scholarship on Topics in Premodern Art 

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Fall 2014 Graduate Symposium

"Debating Visual Knowledge," a symposium organized by graduate students in Information Science and History of Art and Architecture

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Renee Gondek Colloquium

“Features of the Ferryman: Identifying Charon on Red-figure Loutrophoros Fragments from the Sanctuary of the Nymphs”

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