History of Art and Architecture

Congratulations to our PhD/MA Graduates!

The department virtually celebrated the accomplishments of recent PhD and MA graduate students on Saturday, May 2, 2020.  The ceremony offered advisors and students an opportunity to speak about their time in the graduate program.  Additionally, the recipients of The Marstine Prize for Outstanding Work in Public Humanities were announced.

To view the recording, visit the department’s YouTube channel

MA graduates:

Marisol Villela Balderrama
“Between Havana and Beijing: José Venturelli’s Mural Camilo Cienfuegos (1962)”
Advisor:  Jennifer Josten
Brooke Wyatt
“From Nature Morte to Nature Vivante: Séraphine Louis as Artist”
Advisor:  Barbara McCloskey


PhD graduates:

Maria Castro
“Between São Paulo and Paris: Tarsila do Amaral and the Intersecting Identities of Antropofagia”
Advisor:  Jennifer Josten
Allison McCann
“Women’s Books? Gendered Piety and Patronage in Late Medieval Bohemian Illuminated Codices”
Advisor:  Shirin Fozi
Isaac King
“The One and the Many: Authenticity and Multiplicity in the Posthumous Lives of
George Washington’s Portraits”
Advisor:  Kirk Savage
Benjamin Ogrodnik
“Steel City Cinema: Independent and Experimental Filmmaking in the Rust Belt”
Advisor:  Terry Smith


Paulina Pardo Gaviria
“Letícia Parente: Embodying New Media Art Strategies in 1970s Brazil”
Advisor:  Jennifer Josten


Kylie Seltzer
“Housing Identities: Displaying Race and Environment in Paris, 1870-1892”
Advisor:  Christopher Drew Armstrong


Carolyn Wargula
“Embodying the Buddha: The Presence of Women in Japanese Buddhist Hair Embroideries, 1200-1700”
Advisor:  Karen Gerhart