History of Art and Architecture

Zixiao Huang

Area of Specialization

Italian Renaissance Art


Constellation(s): Identity, Mobility/Exchange

Zixiao Huang's research focuses on the communication between Renaissance Italy and China, and he studies how "China" as a geographical concept is visually depicted and viewed in Europe. Through his study, he hopes to expand the traditional scope of Italian arts into a global perspective. He received his M.A. in Art History from Temple University, where he also earned his B.A. in both Art History and Film & Media Arts.

Prior to his study at Pitt, Zixiao spent several years working and interning for major museums and non-profit organizations in Philadelphia and Chengdu, China, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Barnes Foundation, the Association for Public Art, the Penn Museum, Temple Contemporary, Sichuan Provincial Opera House, and the Chengdu Museum. In 2020, he was part of the curatorial team at the exhibition Floating Lights and Shadows: 500 Years of European Paintings co-organized by the Chengdu Museum and the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and participated in writing and publishing the exhibition catalog. Several recent writings by him in Chinese were also published online through Paragon Book Gallery's online platform.

During his study in Philadelphia, Zixiao studied Early Modern Italian arts and European missionaries' outreach in China, and wrote his thesis titled The Jesuits in China: Translation, Localization, and Failure. Part of his graduate thesis won the selection of the 42nd Annual Susman History Graduate Student Conference (canceled due to Covid-19) at Rutgers University. In Summer 2022, he participated in the Sangalli Institute's seminar on "the Archives of the Religious Orders and their Education Institutions: A New Perspective on Global Catholicism" in Rome, Italy.

Education Details

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
     Ph.D. of Art History (in progress)
     Advisor: Dr. Christopher J. Nygren

Temple University, Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
     Master of Arts, Art History, May 2022
     M.A. Thesis: “The Jesuits in China: Translation, Localization, and Failure.”
     Supervised by Dr. Ashley D. West & Dr. Marcia B. Hall

Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
     Bachelor of Arts in Art History & Film and Media Arts (Double Majored), May 2018

Selected Publications

Chengdu Museum 成都博物馆, Floating Lights and Shadows: 500 Years of European Paintings 光影浮空:欧洲绘画500. Nanjing: Jiangsu Phoenix Art Publishing House Co., Ltd. 江苏凤凰文艺出版社, September 2020. 

Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Intersections: 2020 MFA catalog. Philadelphia: Tyler School of Art and Architecture, May 2020.

Chengdu Museum 成都博物馆, Tianfu Journal of Museum Studies 天府文博论集. Chengdu: Sichuan People’s Publishing House 四川人民出版社, October 2020. ISBN 978-7-220-11979-8.

Chengdu Museum 成都博物馆, Chengdu Museum Research Anthology (1st Issue) 成都博物馆研究文集 第一辑. Chengdu: Sichuan People’s Publishing House 四川人民出版社, October, 2019. ISBN 978-7-220-11162-4.

Huang, Zixiao. “Élisabeth Louis Vigée-Le Brun: Her Story 伊丽莎白·路易斯·维热-勒布伦:她比烟花绚丽.” Paragon Book Gallery (Beijing & Chicago), July 1, 2021. https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/i-524QDN8vO-zQS0BGiHGQ.

Selected Awards

Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences Graduate Fellow, University of Pittsburgh, 2022–2023