History of Art and Architecture

Katheryn M. Linduff

Professor Emerita


Past PhDs: Francis Allard, Seung Kew Choi, Mrea Csorba, Ge Yan, Jiayao Han, Tsui-Mei Huang, Jenn-luc Houle (with R. Drennan), Gergory Indrisano, Yu Jiang, Bumcheol Kim (with R. Drennan), Dongdong Li (with R. Drennan), Jian-jing Li, Tao Li (with R. Drennan), Sheri Lullo, Christian Peterson (with R. Drennan), Penny Rode, Gideon Shelach, Yan Sun, Leslie Wallace, Ying Wang, James Williams (with R. Drennan), Jui-man Wu, Xiaolong Wu, Ying Yong

Constellations: Agency, Environment, Identity, Mobility/Exchange, Visual Knowledge

Katheryn M. Linduff joined the faculty in 1973 and specializes in Eurasian and East Asian Art history and archaeology and holds appointments in both HAA and Anthropology (in Archaeology) and has guided PhD students in both Art History and Archaeology. She is especially interested in the rise of complex society, and in the interplay of ethnic, cultural and gender identity with economic and political change in antiquity. Her study of early China and Inner Asia has led to many books and papers and she has conducted a collaborative regional settlement survey in eastern Inner Mongolia that aimed to reconstruct social and political organization across the region from the late Neolithic (c. 4000 BCE) through to about 200 CE.

Education Details

PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Selected Publications

Equids and Wheeled Vehicles in the Ancient World: Studies in Memory of Mary A. Littauer, with Peter Raulwing and Joost Crouwel (eds.), Oxford: British Archaeological Review, 2019.

Memory, Agency and the Shaping of Object Life Histories in China, with Francis Allard and Sun Yan (eds.), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 2018.

Linduff, Katheryn M. Ancient China and its Eurasian Neighbors: Artifacts, Identity and Death in the Frontier, with Sun Yan 孙 岩 (Gettysburg College), Cao Wei 曹玮 (Shaanxi Normal University, PRC), Liu Yuanqing 刘远晴 (Shaanxi Normal University, PRC). (Cambridge University Press, 2018).

How Objects Tell Stories: Essays in Honor of Emma C. Bunker, with Karen S. Rubinson (eds), Inner and Central Asian Art and Archaeology I, Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols Publishers, 2018.

Settlement Patterns in the Chifeng Region, with Chifeng International Collaborative Archaeological Research Project, Pittsburgh, Center for Comparative Archaeology, University of Pittsburgh, 2011.

Monuments, Metals and Mobility: Trajectories of Complexity in the Late Prehistoric Eurasian Steppe, with Bryan Hanks (Cambridge University Press, 2009).

Art Past/Art Present, with David G. Wilkins, Bernard Schultz, Prentice-Hall, Abrams, sixth edition, 2009.

Are All Warriors Male? Gender Roles on the Ancient Eurasian Steppe, with Karen S. Rubinson (AltaMira Press/Roman & Littlefield Publishing, Inc., 2008).

The Beginnings of Metallurgy from the Urals to the Yellow Rivers, Katheryn M. Linduff (Mellen Press. 2004).

Gender and Chinese Archaeology, AltaMira Press, 2004 [in English] Aurora Center, 2006 [in Chinese].

The Emergence of Metallurgy in China, Edwin Mellen Press, 2000.

Selected Awards

Provost's Mentoring Award, University of Pittsburgh, 2006

Current Project

Her current project is a collaborative one with Karen S. Rubinson focused on the Pazyryk Culture, the Iron Age archaeological culture identified by excavated artifacts and mummified humans found in the Siberian permafrost, in the Altay Mountains, in Russia, China, Kazakhstan and nearby Mongolia under contract with Routledge Press.