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Vuković Presents, Chairs, and Co-chairs at Society for Cinema and Media Studies

On April 13, 2023, graduate student Vuk Vuković will present his paper “The Institutionalization of Video Art in Southern California,” chair a panel "Extra-Filmic Discourses and the Processes of Institutionalization," and co-chair a panel "What Do We Want? Graduate Student Organization and Contemporary Academic Labor Movement" at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference in Denver. His paper will examine the social and institutional networks in Southern California that supported video activity in the early days of the field. The panel he is chairing will present research on various processes of institutionalization of time-based media art. Last but not least, Vuković will co-chair a panel with seven graduate students who will emphasize the current landscape of graduate workers in academia across the United States and abroad. Find out more on the Conference's website