History of Art and Architecture

Visual Media Workshop Update

This past year, the work taking place in the Visual Media Workshop has increased and diversified by leaps and bounds. The VMW now supports a number of undergraduates—in both student worker and research roles—as well as growing number graduate student researchers from the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Information Sciences.

I am also happy to announce my involvement with a brand new digital humanities research initiative taking place here at Pitt: the DHRX. We have instituted this network of faculty members interested in DH research both to help spread an understanding of what the digital humanities are across campus, as well as to begin to develop a diverse University community engaged in the transdisciplinary explorations of humans in their social environment in the context of digital technology. I serve as one of the principal contacts for this effort and I am very much looking forward to demonstrating the ways in which the study of the history of art and architecture can interact productively with digital media.

If you would like to learn more about the VMW, the DHRX or any digitally-focused research happening in and around the Department of the History of Art and Architecture at Pitt, please do feel free to be in touch (Alison Langmead, adl40@pitt.edu).