History of Art and Architecture

Three History of Art and Architecture students prominently featured in new University of Pittsburgh website devoted to studies in the humanities!


We are very proud that three of our outstanding History of Art and Architecture students were among the six whose profiles were chosen for a new website designed to highlight the humanities at the University of Pittsburgh.  Go to the “IN THEIR OWN WORDS” link at the site listed below.  There you will find interviews with Kaley Kilpatrick, Karen Lu, and Matthew Sova.   Learn how these students combine their passion for art historical research with a diverse range of secondary majors in anthropology, economics, and museum studies, and with invaluable training in French, German, and Italian languages and literatures.  These are all vibrant areas of research and learning available to students at the University of Pittsburgh and they help us to turn out the talented young scholars and professionals you will see featured on this site.

Please visit http://www.yourworld.pitt.edu/