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Terry Smith Delivers Keynote Address at Global Appalachia Symposium

Terry Smith delivered a keynote address at the Global Appalachia Symposium, 2022 IKT Congress, September 15-18, 2022, at the Speed Art Museum in Louisville, KY. IKT is the International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art, and the Congress is their annual gathering. The conveners announced the topic "Global Appalachia" as "a term that refers to a real, increasingly 'global' geographical and cultural region in the United States, and to the realities of recalcitrant geographies—geographies that have persisted across political regimes and therefore might model a kind of resistance (even if they are also always threatening regression)." Terry's address was entitled "Curating the Contradictions". Other speakers included Frank X Walker and Coco Fusco. For more information, please visit IKT's website.