History of Art and Architecture

Mandy Jui-Man Wu Receives Outstanding Teaching Award

Mandy Jui-Man Wu (PhD 2010), Associate Professor of Art and Art History at Hanover College, has been recognized with the Arthur and Ilene Baynham Outstanding Teaching Award. Established by the College in 1969, the honoree is selected by a ballot of currently enrolled students and alumni from the past two graduating classes. To be eligible, a faculty member must be in at least the fourth year of teaching at the College. The winner receives a bronze medallion and a cash prize.

Wu specializes in Chinese art, Eastern art history and arts of the Silk Road. She joined Hanover’s faculty in 2013 and teaches such courses as “Arts and Cultures of China,” “Art for Death and Afterlife,” “Asian Art and Film” and “Art, Culture and Social Life in Taipei.”

An active conference participant and organizer, she has organized Asian-studies conferences in Colorado, Hawaii and Massachusetts. She has presented at more than 15 conferences from coast to coast in the U.S., Hawaii, Canada, Philippines and Russia.

Wu is currently on sabbatical leave while working on “Empowered Mortuary Art in the Tombs of the Northern Zhou China (557-581 CE): Materialization of Identity, Class, and Power.” The to-be-published monograph will explore social dynamics between distinct ethnic groups. Wu’s research uses newly excavated materials from sixth-century tombs in northern China to investigate cross-cultural interactions within a multiethnic and multicultural society. Read more on the Hanover College website.