History of Art and Architecture

Karla Huebner Publishes Book on Czech Surrealist Toyen

Alum Karla Huebner (PhD 2008), associate professor at Wright State University in Ohio, published Magnetic Woman: Toyen and the Surrealist Erotic with the University of Pittsburgh Press (2020). This ground-breaking work emerged from her research while a graduate student in the Department of History of Art and Architecture. Huebner's is the first scholarly monograph in the English language to introduce audiences to the female Surrealist Toyen, a founding member of the group in 1920s Prague. Rigorously researched and sensitively presented, Magnetic Woman surfaces for the first time themes of gender, sexuality, and eroticism in Toyen's paintings and drawings that have eluded serious attention and appreciation in the past. Read more on the University of Pittsburgh Press.