History of Art and Architecture

Julia Warren wins the 2014 Ossip Prize

Congratulations to Julia Warren (Arch. Studies 2014) for winning First Prize in Independent Scholarly Writing for the 2014 Ossip Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Writing.  Her paper, “The High Line: A ‘Suburban Space’ for an Urban Public,” was written as her honors B.Phil thesis under the direction of Mina Rajagopalan. 

The chair of the College Writing Board wrote that Julia’s work "was selected for this award from a distinguished field of entries from across the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences… Your thorough research, insightful observations, and exceptionally sharp analysis all give you considerable authority to enter into the important conversations currently taking place in your field.  We are very happy to be granting this top award to such a fine piece of writing.”   Congratulations to Julia!

The Ossip Awards are granted annually in the following categories: Independent Scholarly Writing, Research Writing (in the context of a course), and Critical Writing.   For more information, visit: http://www.wid.pitt.edu/ossip/overview.php.  HAA and Architectural Studies majors (current and 2015 graduates) interested in submitting work for the 2015 Ossip awards should consult with Gretchen Bender, ghb1@pitt.edu