History of Art and Architecture

Fall 2013 Visual Media Workshop News

Now in its third year, the Visual Media Workshop continues to move forward quickly with its mission to facilitate innovative multimodal research. Undergraduate and graduate students from both the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Information Sciences are working in tandem with faculty and staff on projects ranging from image cataloguing to information visualization.

Among the projects in the pipeline are Itinera, a platform for visualizing culturally-motivated travel across eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Europe. This interactive resource represents a collaborative effort between HAA faculty members Alison Langmead and Drew Armstrong, as well as the work of students from the departments of the history of art and architicture, computer science, and information sciences.

Elsewhere in the Workshop, Alex Oliver is working with Alison and Josh Ellenbogen on a digital project exploring the work of Alphonse Bertillon, whose criminal identification and classification system is a potentially rich source of visual and quantitative data.

All are welcome to contact the Director of the VMW, Alison Langmead to learn more about the work of the lab.