History of Art and Architecture

Behind the Scenes at the Gallery

 Five HAA undergraduates are busy putting together the latest exhibit which opens May 9th, it's called Encounters: Art In The City. For more information on the actual exhibit, go here. Here's a little peek behind the closed doors of the gallery:


Come inside to see what is going on

From the outside, the University Art Gallery doors may say "CLOSED", but inside it's far from quiet.   Five HAA undergraduates are laboring away to get the artwork from students enrolled at a Pittsburgh Public School ready for the opening. 








Two of the undergraduates working on placement of Anthony Robinson's Artwork Here are two of the undergraduates, Cyrille Froncek and Lauren Burgess, with a piece by Anthony Robinson.  The artworks in this exhibit cover a wide-range of mediums and there are even interactive activities.









Anthony Robinson Photo InstallationAnother installation by artist Anthony Robinson, there's a 5th photo in this set...but you'll have to stop by the University Gallery to see it.









There is lots of mounting and cutting that needs done before the opening

A lot of preparation needs to be done before the gallery opening on May 9th.   To the left, one of our undergraduates, Joanna Kemp,  is preparing signs for the installations.








What are these two looking at? Come to the exhibit to see

In this photo one of the undergraduates, Danny Augenbraun, and our Gallery Curator, Isabelle Chartier, analyze an installation.  Want to see what they are looking so intently at?: Stop by Friday, May 9th at 6pm for our Gallery Opening Reception.