History of Art and Architecture

Adriana Miramontes Olivas Curates Exhibition on Global Mobility

The exhibition What We Leave Behind, Lo que dejamos atras, presents artworks by artists born in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Mexico to examine the causes and consequences of the contemporary diaspora. In video, photographs, paintings, and prints, the artists Norma Vila Rivero, Juan Carlos Alom, Lilliam Nieves, Luis Palacios Kaim, and Sandra Ramos, explore a global border apparatus that provides or negates access based on class, race, gender, or nationality. It investigates the ways in which the national state, drugs, capitalism, and cultural norms exercise different forms of violence upon bodies and spaces. The exhibit asks viewers to consider not only the challenges encountered through the process of migration, but also what we leave behind. To access the exhibition's virtual tour and read more about it visit: https://jsma.uoregon.edu/What-We-Leave-Behind