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TA Workshop


Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

TA WORKSHOP for HAA Graduate Students: Plagiarism

Please come to a special TA Workshop for HAA grads to help detect and deal with plagiarism in the classroom. This workshop is offered on a limited basis through CIDDE, so it is a real privilege to have them come share their knowledge with us!

Dealing with cheating and plagiarism as a TA or TF can be a difficult challenge, as it involves a combination of prevention, detection, conflict resolution and correct application of University policy.  In this workshop, we seek to prepare TAs and TFs for dealing with cheating and plagiarism in their classrooms.  To that end, we will discuss University policy on the matter, prevention and detection strategies (including using the TurnItIn software), and how to arbitrate instances of suspected cheating or plagiarism with students.  Real-life cheating and plagiarism scenarios drawn from TAs actual experience will be discussed, including the details of how the matters were handled.

Please RSVP to Courtney Long (HAA TA/TF Mentor) at csl10@pitt.edu to reserve your spot. A minimum of FOUR students is required in order for this workshop to run.