History of Art and Architecture

Kirk Savage Colloquium


Wednesday, November 12, 2014 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

“Teaching and Teaching Portfolios”

Kirk Savage, Professor, art of the United States


Image Credit: “Teaching Portfolio” Kirk Savage

This colloquium spot is co-sponsored by HAA 2970 (Teaching of Art History).  I will take a moment to let you know what we have been doing in the course, and to point to some pedagogical initiatives underway through the VMW and the Constellations webpage.  The main event, however, will be a highly informal panel discussion/roundtable on teaching portfolios with me, Barbara, Drew, and Gretchen in tandem with you the audience.  Together, we will discuss how teaching portfolios are used in job searches (and promotions), and how to design them to your benefit.  Each of us on the "panel" will have two minutes to bring up one or two key points, and the remaining time will be devoted to Q&A and discussion.


If you have time before the colloquium, please look at the PDF found at this link: