Gretchen Bender and Alison Langmead Colloquium


Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Thinking Critically about the Assessment of Learning Outcomes in the Study of Art History at the Undergraduate Level

Gretchen Bender, Assistant Chair and Director of Undergraduate Program and Alison Langmead, Director of the Visual Media Workshop

We will lead an informal discussion of current learning outcomes as they are defined for the undergraduate art history program, and in so doing contemplate how these might be revised or reconsidered so that they align with or are responsive to the strategic goals and new constellation structure of the department (and vice versa, how our strategic priorities might be revised based on what we learn from outcomes assessment).

Framing this discussion will be a consideration of the strategic goals of both the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences and the University of Pittsburgh's Provost Office and how our endeavors might relate to these broader initiatives.

In essence, we will be posing the following questions: What should an undergraduate education in art history accomplish? What role does an art history curriculum play in a liberal arts education?  How might we determine more effectively how well our students are achieving the goals we've established for our curriculum?