History of Art and Architecture

Removing Stonewall Jackson from Pittsburgh, PA - Colloquium

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Speaker: Thomas Morton

In September 2021, the governing body of East Liberty Presbyterian Church (ELPC) in Pittsburgh, PA voted overwhelmingly to remove the figural representation and name of Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson, a Confederate general, from its monumental ‘History of Presbyterianism in North America’ stained-glass window. This vote, a long time coming, occurred after the church convened a task force to study Jackson’s inclusion in the window and to offer suggestions for how the church could move forward. Built in the 1930s, ELPC is a massive church with over 100 rooms and occupies an entire city block in East Liberty; how did Stonewall Jackson end up in one of its windows? As co-chair of the church’s task force, I will present an overview of the evidence for the inclusion of Jackson in the window, reasons for its removal, and a path forward for this progressive, inclusive, and diverse church.


Zoom password available on HAA Undergraduate and Graduate Canvas sites, or by request from haadept@pitt.edu