History of Art and Architecture

Rae Di Cicco, Golnar Touski, and Nicole Scalissi Colloquium

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 - 12:00pm

Room 202, Frick Fine Arts Building

“Roundtable: Digital Publishing, Dissent, and Socially-Engaged Art History”

Join Rae Di Cicco, Golnar Touski, and Nicole Scalissi for a preview of a roundtable to be hosted at CAA 2018 in LA:
Two currents of contemporary culture seem to be emerging simultaneously: digital publishing and an increasing understanding that the scholarly work of art history can and ought to be socially engaged. Digital publishing has been a democratizing force in the exchange of information and ideas, radically transforming authorship and readership in the twenty-first century. As information is circulated and seen by more and ever-changing populations, the call for socially engaged art and art history has never been greater. Scholars and artists have seized this opportunity in myriad ways, often subverting the traditional, hierarchical structures that have driven academe and the art market for the past two centuries. This panel brings together scholars, artists, and editors who actively pursue digital publishing as a means of scholarly, artistic, or pedagogical dissent: Gelare Khoshgozaran, an independent artist who disseminates socially critical performance and video art via digital means; Paul Schmelzer of the Walker Art Center, an institution that uses their online presence to engage new audiences and re-envision the museum-going experience; pedagogical innovators Renee McGarry and Parme Giuntini of Art History Pedagogy and Practice and Art History Teaching Resources, who have made didactic materials and criticism available online; and Allison McCann and Nicole F. Scalissi, former editors-in-chief of Contemporaneity, an online journal that combines scholarly publishing strategies with a flexible digital platform to create space for emerging and established voices that further our critical reassessment of the field of visual and material culture.