History of Art and Architecture


Friday, April 5, 2024 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm

HAAARCH!!! is an annual showcase that features the accomplishments of our undergraduates in the History of Art and Architecture, Architectural Studies, and Museum Studies majors. Presenters at this event include students who have completed independent research through our honors program, engaged in substantive internships with community partners in our Collecting Knowledge Pittsburgh consortium, and those who have produced exemplary creative work in our architectural design studios. Save the date and we hope you will join us in celebrating our students’ achievements and successes! 


Honors Thesis Presentations, 202 Frick Fine Arts Building

Moderator: Melissa Eppihimer


Session 1, 2 to 2:45 pm

Ricky Xiong, “Understanding Frick Fine Arts…and What We Can Do to Improve It”; Advisor: Tian Li

Margaret Balich, “Pittsburgh as a Pioneer: Sustainable Brownfield Redevelopment and the Hazelwood BioForge”; Advisor: Tom Morton

Laura Finkle, “Bird Hall, Carnegie Museum of Natural History: An Exercise in Exhibit Design”; Advisor: Deirdre Smith


Session 2, 3:15 to 4 pm

Emily Falge, “Murderess or Martyr? Charlotte Corday as Political Image from the French Revolution to the Mid-Nineteenth Century”; Advisor: Gretchen Bender

Molly Holz, “Maternity Mintadi: Figures of Power in the Kongo”; Advisor: Gretchen Bender

Grace Marston, “Socialists Can Enjoy Warhol”; Advisor: Jennifer Josten


Art History Club, Cloister, Frick Fine Arts

Architectural Studies Presentations, Cloister, Frick Fine Arts Building

ARC 0201 | Foundation Studio

 Rebekah Burns
Erica Mull
Jean Carlos Diaz Perez
Hannah Whisman

ARC 1201 | Design Studio 1

 Georgia Barry
Victoria Morris
Charlie Poulin
Shaista Rahim
David Somay
Jie Sun

ARC 1202 | Design Studio 2

 Angie Arbaji
Margaret Balich
Erika Do
Benji Kaplan
Mila Kavalieros
Carson Probert

ARC 1203  | Design Studio 3
Samantha  Jordan
Ricky Xiong

ARC 1204  | Design Studio 4

 Olivia Crowther
Pabla Navjot

Special Research Projects 

 Maggie Shaheen
Annalee Bang
Jie Sun
Laura Finkle