History of Art and Architecture

Colloquium - Graduate Curriculum Discussion

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 - 12:00pm

202 Frick Fine Arts Building

Closed Colloquium - Graduate Students Only

This colloquium is a closed session for graduate students who will meet with Alison Langmead and Gretchen Bender to discuss the graduate curriculum. This is primarily a listening and brain-storming discussion about what you, as graduate students, would like to learn from the Graduate Program in HAA, above and beyond the content-based curriculum of art and architectural history.  Are there particular skills or competencies that should be given fuller attention?  If for-credit workshops were introduced, what do you think they should cover?  How might we better prepare you for a variety of professional outcomes?  We're hoping to corral some good ideas that the Graduate and Curriculum and Planning committees can then consider.  

This colloquium will replace the session originally scheduled for November 8.