We are deeply saddened by the passing of our dear friend and colleague, John Williams, on June 6.  Many lovely tributes have come to us from his students and scholarly contacts in the United States and Spain, including this one from Professor David Raizman, John's first PhD student.

Congratulations to Julia Warren (Arch. Studies 2014) for winning First Prize in Independent Scholarly Writing for the 2014 Ossip Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Writing.

We are delighted to announce our successful application for a 1 million dollar grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Matthew Roper’s death on October 30, 2014, came as a shock to many of us, even though his long-standing health problems were well known.

With trips to the CAA Conference, California, Amsterdam, Taiwan, and more, and new grants to support even more summer travel, the graduate students are having quite the stand out year.

The Visual Media Workshop continues to advance several diverse collaborative projects.

Lead by Professor Terry Smith with the assistance of UAG curator Isabelle Chartier, eighteen undergraduate students and two undergraduate Teaching Assistants worked on documenting the original exhibition, but also augmented it to the power of 3.

Our undergraduate students have been particularly busy this year, engaging in exciting travel opportunities, independent research projects, teaching and research assistantships, designing and participating in service-learning programs, developing gallery exhibitions and serving in local arts organizations.