History of Art and Architecture

Josh Ellenbogen

Associate Professor



Josh Ellenbogen is a professor in history of photography and modern art. Trained also as an intellectual historian and an historian of science, he received his PhD in art history from the University of Chicago in 2005. He has worked extensively in the history of scientific imaging, relations between painting and photography, representational theory, historiography, and intersections between art history and history/philosophy of science.

Education Details

PhD, Chicago (2005)

Selected Publications

Book-Length Studies

Reasoned and Unreasoned Images: The Photography of Bertillon, Galton, Marey
(Pennsylvania State University Press, 2012).

Idol Anxiety, co-edited anthology of essays on idolatry (Stanford University Press, 2011).

Articles and Essays

"Authority, Objectivity, Evidence: Scientific Photography in Victorian Britain," Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science 39 (Spring, 2008).

"Camera and Mind," Representations 101 (Winter, 2008).

"Educated Eyes and Impressed Images," Art History 33 (June, 2010).

"The Eye of the Sun and the Eye of God," Visual Resources (June, 2010).

“Forms of Equivalence: Bertillonnage and the History of Information Retrieval,” Technology and Culture (January, 2020).

"Inhuman Sight," essay in One/Many exh. cat. (University of Chicago Press, 2006).

“Identification of a Photograph with a Person At Liberty,” essay in Mirror with a Memory exh. cat. (Carnegie Museum of Art, 2020).

“Joe Sacco’s Great War,” Critical Inquiry (Spring, 2015).

“New Media,” Art Bulletin (March, 2014).

"On Photographic Elegy," in Karen Weisman, ed. Oxford Book of the Elegy (Oxford University Press, 2010).

"Sontag Reconsidered," Azure 23 (Winter, 2006).

“Visual Literacy and 1960s Photography,” Critical Inquiry (Spring, 2021).

Selected Awards

Franklin Research Grant, American Philosophical Society

Gould Post-Doctoral Fellow, Princeton University

Georges Lurcy Educational Trust, Doctoral Fellow

Harold Jones and Frances Murray fellowship, Center for Creative Photography

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, Doctoral Fellow

Minor White Research Grant, Princeton University