History of Art and Architecture

Graduate Research Listing


Jacqueline Marie Lombard


Race and the Romanesque: Visualizing Blackness Between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean, 1000-1250


Lily Brewer


Nuclear Citizenship: Mary Kavanagh and Photography as Civil Resistance


Andrea Kibler Maxwell


Painting and Persecution: Anti-Jewish and Anti-Protestant Visual Rhetoric in Northern Italy


Marina Tyquiengco


What Native Looks Like Now: Embodiment in Contemporary Indigenous Art, 1992–Present


Clarisse Fava-Piz


Sculpting Beyond Borders: Local Identity and Transnational Mobility in the Age of Rodin


Nicole Coffineau


Binding Identities: Photograph Albums and Italian Nationalism, 1857-67


Alan London


"My Own Place, May Own Name" Figuration, Abstraction and the Tragic in the Art of Stephen Greene


Paulina Pardo Gaviria


Letícia Parente: Embodying New Media Art Strategies in 1970s Brazil


Meredith North


Cybernetic Impulses and Serial Systems: The Art of Peter Roehr in Frankfurt am Main


Isaac King


The One and the Many: Authenticity and Multiplicity in the Posthumous Lives of George Washington's Portraits


Kylie Seltzer


Housing Identities: Displaying Race and Environment in Paris, 1870-1892


Carolyn Wargula


Embodying the Buddha: The Presence of Women in Japanese Buddhist Hair Embroideries, 1200-1700


Maria Castro


Between São Paulo and Paris: Tarsila do Amaral and the Intersecting Identities of Antropofagia


Allison McCann


Women's Books? Gendered Piety and Patronage in Late Medieval Bohemian Illuminated Codices


Ben Ogrodnik


Steel City Cinema: Independent and Experimental Filmmaking in the Rust Belt

Annika JohnsonSavageAgency at the Confluence of Dakhóta and Euro-American Art, 1835-19124/2019
Nicole ScalissiSmith

Something to See Here: Staged Violence in Contemporary Art

Jennifer DonnellyArmstrong

The Physiognomy of a Collection: Architectural Legibility and Historical Expression at the Musée des monuments français, 1795-1816

Colleen O'ReillyEllenbogen

Visual Pedagogy in Cold War America: Berenice Abbott, Will Burtin, and the International Visual Literacy Association

Madeline EschenburgGao

Migrating Subjects: The Problem of the "Peasant" in Contemporary Chinese Art

Jung Hui KimGerhartReligion, Politics, and Gender: Childbirth Images in Edo Japan4/2018
Elizabeth MorrisseyGerhart

Memorializing Imperial Power through Ritual in the Illustrated Legends of Ishiyama-dera Handscroll

Lihui DongGaoThe Way to be Modern: Empress Dowager Cixi’s portraits of the Late Qing Dynasty8/2017
Jungeun LeeGerhartDisplaying Authority: Ashikaga Formal Display in the Muromachi Period4/2017
Elizabeth SelfGerhartArt, Architecture, and the Asai Sisters4/2017
Henry SkerrittSmithWhen Time’s Arrows Collide: Historical Critique in Indigenous Contemporary Art8/2017
Heidi CookMcCloskeyPicturing Peasant:  Maksimilijan Vanka’s Folkloric Paintings and the “Croatian Question” from Habsburg12/2016
Amy CymbalaHarris and Armstrong‘Dearest Wife, Most Famous Woman:’ Gender, Commemoration, and Women’s Funerary Monuments in Rome, 1550-17508/2016
Jessica GoganSmithCurating Publics in Brazil: Experiment, Construct, Care4/2016
Courtney LongArmstrongRe-Categorizing Great Britain's Medieval Architecture: A Lesson in Nineteenth-Century Visual Taxonomy4/2016
Rachel Miller

Harris and Savage

Patron Saint of a World in Crisis: Early Modern Representations of St. Francis Xavier in Europe and Asia4/2016
Sara SumpterGerhartThe Socio-Political Functions of Japanese ‘Vengeful Spirit’ Handscrolls, 1150-12304/2016
Nadav HochmanSmithThe Social Media Image: Modes of Visual Ordering on Social Media8/2015
Alexandra Oliver EllenbogenCritical Realism in Contemporary Photography4/2014
James JewittHarrisThe Evolution of Landscape in Venetian Painting, 1475-15254/2014
Yuki MorishimaGerhartPolitical and Ritual Usages of Portraits of Japanese Emperors in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries12/2013
Saskia BeranekArmstrong and HarrisPower of the Portrait: Production, Consumption and Display of Portraits of Amalia van Solms in the Dutch Republic4/2013
Izabel GallieraSmithReclaiming Public Life, Building Public Spheres: Contemporary Art, Exhibitions and Institutions in post-1989 Europe4/2013
Jiayao HanLinduffCreating Visual Emblems for Eastern Zhou Militarized Frontier Societies (771-221 BCE)4/2013
Donald SimpsonArmstrong and SavageCivic Center and Cultural Center: The Grouping of Public Buildings in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Detroit and the Emergence of the City Monumental in the Modern Metropolis4/2013
Sarah BrombergStonesThe Context and Reception History of the Illuminations in Nicholas of Lyra's Postilla litteralis super totam bibliam: Fifteenth-Century Case Studies12/2012
Cristina AlbuSmithMirror Affect: Interpersonal Spectatorship in Installation Art since the 1960s4/2012
Robert BaileySmithArt & Language and the Politics of Art Worlds, 1969-19774/2012
Brianne CohenSmithContested Collectivities: Europe Reimagined by Contemporary Artists4/2012
Julia FinchStonesBibles en images: Visual Narrative and Translation in New York Public Library Spencer Collection ms. 22 and Related Manuscripts12/2011
Rebekah PerryStonesSacred Image, Civic Spectacle, and Ritual Space: Tivoli's Inchinata Procession and Icons in Urban Liturgical Theater in Late Medieval Italy12/2011
Maria D'Anniballe Williams
McCloskey and SavageUrban Space in Fascist Verona: Contested Grounds for Mass Spectacle, Tourism, and the Architectural Past12/2010
Shalmit BejaranoGerhartPicturing Rice Agriculture and Silk Production: Appropiation and Ideology in Early Modern Japanese Painting8/2010
Kathy Johnston-KeaneHarrisCaravaggio’s Drama: Art, Theater, and Literature during Italy’s ‘Spanish Age’4/2010
Annie KriegMcCloskeyThe Walls of the Confessions:  Neo-Romanesque Architecture, Nationalism, and Religious Identity in the Kaiserreich4/2010
Leslie WallaceLinduffChasing the Beyond: Depictions of Hunting in Eastern Han Dynasty Tomb Reliefs (25-220 CE) from Shaanxi and Shanxi 4/2010
Karen WebbStonesMedieval Manuscripts, Architectural Structures, and their Relationships4/2010
Jui-Man WuLinduffMortuary Art in the Northern Zhou China (557-581 CE): Visualization of Class, Role, and Cultural Identity 4/2010
Travis NygardSavageSeeds of Agribusiness: Grant Wood and the Visual Culture of Grain Farming 1862-195712/2009
Sheri LulloLinduffToiletry Case Sets Across Life and Death in Early China (5th c. BCE-3rd c. CE)12/2009
Miguel Rojas-SoteloSmithCultural Maps, Networks, and Flows: The History and Impact of the Havana Bienniale 1984 to the Present4/2009
Cornelie Piok ZanonWeisThe Sanctuary of Demeter at Pergamon: Architecture and Dynasty in the Early Attalid Capital4/2009
Kristen HarknessMcCloskey"The Phantom of Inspiration: Elena Polenova, Mariia Iakunchikova and the Emergence of Modern Art in Russia" 4/2009