History of Art and Architecture

Undergraduate Research Listing

CJ DawsonMcCloskeyThe Past, Present, and Future of the Teenie Harris Archive2022
Ellie DownsD'AnniballeRepatriation as Resistance: The Evolving Dialogue of Native American Artifact Repatriation2022
Abreihona LenihanSmithABC: The Education of Raymond Saunders2022
Izumi MiyazakiBenderMother Beheading Japanese Patriarchy: Reimagining Artemisia2022
Brianna StelliniMortonFayum Mummy Portraits: Object Biography and Museum Display2022
Maja LynnBenderThe Politics of Possession: Herero Spiritual Epistemologies, Repatriation of Remains, and the Memorialization of the 1904-1908 Genocide2022
Louisa Post-ZwickerNygrenSculpting Identity: Power and Representation in Italian Baroque Portraiture2021
Joseph ScapellatoWeaverGazing on the Plague: The Curative Power of Early Modern European Painting2021
Jada CrittendonHosseiniFrom Gert to Royal Tent2021
Maria DokuArmstrongModular Housing: Efficiency and Sustainability for the 21st Century2021
Delia FranklinFoziThe Book of Kells: How a Medieval Manuscript Became a Modern Representation of Irishness2021
Roy GaoEllenbogenHistory Lost and Found: Performative Re-enactments and Simulation in 'The Act of Killing'2021
Joshua JordanMortonRoots of the Affordable Housing Crisis: How 20th-Century Racially Motivated Housing Policies Continue to Impact Today's Housing Market2021
Morgan PowellEllenbogenSubject to Change: Greer Lankton and Memory Practices2021
Annie AbernathyTaylorFrom the Mixed-Up Files of E. L. Konigsburg: Mysteries of Value in the Museum2021
Angelina VenezianoNygrenA Historical Comparison of the Clapp Collection and the Albertina Facsimile2020
Anna Kate PayhaArmstrongResin Tables and Digital Fabrication: Defining the Furniture of the 21st Century2020
Wanyan MaMcCoyArt of the Cadaver: A Cross-Cultural Comprehension2020
Georgina LaubeEllenbogenWelt im Film, der Augenzeuge, und Deutsche Demokratische Republik: The Power of Propaganda in Germany's Post-World War II Climate2020
Claudia HainesTaylorDo Touch: Sculpture as a Means for Accessibility in Art Museums2020
Gillian CarverFoziReality v. History: An Introspective on American History through Black Artists Kehinde Wiley and Kara Walker2020
Molly WightTaylorChilde Hassan, American Japonist2019
Emma VescioMcCloskeyA House, But Not Here: On Adam Milner2019
Gabriela SchunnEllenbogenAffective Solidarity: Exploring Trauma Art and Transformation2019
Rebecca MoserTaylorQueer Entomologist: Andrey Avinoff's Butterflies2019
Elena MarzinaMortonChild's Play2019
Tom LucyArmstrongAllegheny Center: Method and Mentality in Neighborhood Revitalization2019
Rose HawkTaylorJohn Kane at Kennywood2019
Reagan HarperMortonPreservation of the Everyday2019
Emily Anne EbersolArmstrongDesign that Empowers: The Malawi Scholl Project2019
Heather AlvaradoSavageSaamis: Perspectives Past and Present2019
Amanda BartkoTaylorInstananeous Ingenuity: Contemporary Artists and their use of Instagram2018
Imani Williford,TaylorThe Art and Politics of Faith Ringgold's Children's Books2018
Emily Kathryn CampbellMcCloskeyKameradschaft: Sculpture and the Cultural Politics of the Nazu Regime2018
Ilana CurtisRajagopalanModel Affordability: Mass Housing Solutions from Berlin to the Bronx2018
Esra DaghestaniRajagopalanDesigning for Disaster: Student Design Competition Entries in Response to Natural Disasters2018
Caroline FazziniJostenBookworks as Networks: Feminist Artists' Book Projects of the 1980s-90s2018
Rebecca Lee KoshnerRajagopalanEyes on the Strip: Past, Present, and Future of Pittsburgh's Strip District2018
Mairin PlantMcCloskeySt. George Rides Again: The Russian Nationality Room2018
Ahona Raka SarkarSelfHow the Past Persists in Period Rooms: An Examination of the Sun Ka Raku Teahouse2018
Abigail SitesArmstrong and McCloskeyHenry Clay Frick's Mansions: From Private to Public2018
Annika Napier-SmithMcCloskeyExpressing Identity through Art: Reaching Pittsburgh's Teens Experiencing Homelessness2018
Sonnie SolomonEllenbogenInside/Out: Reconsidering the Photographic Binary with LaToya Ruby Frazer's 'The Nation of Family'2017
Max Stefan PoostArmstrongThe Nine Mile Run Watershed: Tracing the Elements of Ecological Design2017
Abigail Hope MeloyNygrenModalities of Visualizing the Divine: Image and Word in Lorenzo Lotto's Trescore Frescoes, 'Trinty' and 'Madonna of the Rosary'2017
Angelica MarksJosten+ 41 Anti-Monument: A Critical Call to Reform Through Popular Will2017
Marie ManskeBender and JostenNazi Rallies at Luna Park Stadium: Assessing the Visual Evidence2017
Katherine LipinskiJostenFrom Coca Plant to Cocaine: Metamorphosis in 'Helio Oiticica: To Organize Delirium'2017
Lin HouRajagopalanThe Triangle of Sustainability: A Comparative Study of Contemporary Sustainable Architecture in Beijing and Pittsburgh2017
Elizabeth HillEllenbogenChild Labor Signified: Utility and Motion in Gustave Courbet's the Stonebreakers2017
Mariah FlanaganPetersHow We View Egypt: The Importance of Intertemporality in Museum Displays2017
Lydia AndeskieBenderRhetoric and Spectacle: What Historical Instances of Iconoclasm Can Tell Us About the Islamic State2017
Blair Marie WedescheideBenderThe World Trade Center Site: A Spectrum of Function and Emotion2016
Shengyu WangSmithShould Art Labor Be Free?2016
Grace Elizabeth StrongNygrenCarlo Crivelli Matters: A View of the Renaissance from the 'Periphery'2016
Melissa QuartoJostenPerforming Incanismo: Cultural Tourism at Machu Picchu, Peru2016
Emily Jane MiralesWeisBuilding a 'City of Reference': The United States Botanic Garden and Washington D.C.2016
Summer LiuRajagopalanThe Aesthetics and Architecture of Gentrification through a Case Study of Shoreditch, London2016
Brianna Marie HumbertBenderThe Feminist Secretary: Activism, Typewriting, and the Gendering of Labor in the Work of Sheryl Oring2016
Meghan Ann HippleOchShowing and Exposing: Re/encountering the Environment though American Painting, Photography and Television2016
Michael Vincent GuttillaArmstrongBig Ideals/BIG Ideas: The Emerging Architectural Epoch as Seen in the Hill2016
Nikita Marie CostantiniMcCloskeyUpside-Down in London: George Baselitz and His Entrance into the International Art Scene2016
Paige AndersonRajagopalanThe Design of Dissent: Protest and Urban Space in Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement2016
Daniel AugenbraunBenderLearning Through Teaching: Answering the Question of Why Art History Matters2015
Liyi ChenFozi and LinduffReinforcing Femininity: Exhibiting the Empress Dowager and Marie Antoinette in the 21st Century2015
Alice GallagherSavageCreation and Contemplation: The Flight 93 Memorial and The National September 11 Museum2015
Sarah Jane HortonGaoMethodical Suffering: Chinese Buddhism as a Tool in Zhang Huan's Early Performance Art2015
Glace Alana KellyJostenThe University Studio: Oiticica, Rhodislandia, and Peripheral Strategies in Art Making”2015
Kaley Joyce KilpatrickSavageFlight 93 National Memorial, the African Burial Ground National Monument, and the Pursuit of Child-Appropriate Memorial Designs2015
Karen LueSavageThe Politics of Display: Trans-national Convergence in the Chinese Nationality Room2015
Allison MoscoMcCloskeyReligion Transformed: The Christian Roots of a Secular Russian Craft2015
Abbey Katherine O’BrienJostenRadical Muralism in Three Dimensions: A Close Look at Siqueiros’ 'May Day Political Float'2015
Matthew SovaFoziWomen and 'Empore': The Issue of Gendered Space in Ottonian Architecture2015
Kirsten ArmstrongFoziSpirituality of Non-Sacred Space: Sanctifying a More Socialist Agenda2015
Jonathon Thomas WeberSavageFaces of Empire: Social Discourse of Field Marshal, 1st Bar-on, Sir Jeffery Amherst's Portraits Created in Life2015
Lauren BurgessBenderEmbodiment and Decoration: Henri Matisse’s Rosary Chapel in Vence, France2014
James DiBitettoSavageCurating Minimalism at the Carnegie Museum of Art2014
Joanna KempBenderThe Encounters Project: Teaching Art History Outside of the University2014
Kelsey KresseBenderTracy Emin’s 'My Bed' as Creative Space2014
Siqiao LuSavageAntagonistic Therapy: Krzysztof Wodiczko's Abraham Lincoln: War Veteran Projection2014
Elizabeth MarriottEppiheimerThe Display of Cylinder Seals2014
Stephanie SelyaEllenbogenPainting with Light: The Composite World War I Photography of Frank Hurley2014
Elana WilliamsEllenbogenRepresenting Genetic Disease in Modernity: Rick Guidotti as the Contemporary Medical Photographer2014
Chris HazelArmstrongRe-Thinking Architecture: A Call for a New Social Space2014
Grace MeloyBenderCirculation, Access, and Tourist Experience: Berlin's Center and Periphery as Case Study2014
Julia WarrenRajagopalanThe Nature of the High Line: A Jacobsian Perspective on New York's 'Park in the Sky'2014
Maria CastroMcCloskeyA Semana de Arte Moderna’ and the Creation of a Brazilian National Identity for Art in 19222013
Kristina HarrisBender and LangmeadFood for Thought: Rethinking the Process of Processing with Andy Warhol’s Time Capsules2013
Kelsey HenkeBaileyGender, Sexuality, and Subjectivity in Hipster Visual Culture2013
Tyler ShineEllenbogenTaboo Icons: The Photography of Andres Serrano and the Visual Politics of the Body2013
Natalie SweetBaileyPinning Up Venus: Origins of the Newbrow2013
Lauren BucherBenderBar Architecture: Design of the Third Place2013
Chong HuLinduffThe Return of Traditional Elements in Chinese Architecture during the Economic Upswing of the Early 21st Century2013
Eric KobalRajagopalanThe Spirit of a Landscape: Designing North and South Park in the Interwar Period2013
Maeve SattlerArmstrongEarly Twentieth-Century Social Housing Design in Vienna and London2013
Stephanie TrumMcCloskeyTragedy of the People': Representing Human Suffering in Moscow's Victory Park2012
Lauren TaylorMcCloskeyRepresenting Africa at the Carnegie Museum of Art2012
Allison RossMcCloskeyKirschner's Berlin Street Scenes: Embodying Modern Berlin2012
Lucy PetersonGerhartFlowers: Form and Function in Medieval Japanese Handscrolls2012
Chanelle LabashHarrisOriental' Carpets in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Paintings2012
Sarah HaleyMcKimPast, Present and Future: A Study of Pittsburgh's 'Ghost' Signage2012
Alexandra GoldsteinArmstrongA. W. N. Pugin's Medieval Court in the Great Exhibition of 18512012
Gabriella DiDonnaEllenbogenReconstructing Vision: David Hockney's Photocollage2012
Shana CoopersteinEllenbogenLikeness in Henri Cartier-Bresson’s Photo Portraits2011
Trudy JacksonHarrisFranz Landsberger and the Myth of the ‘Jewish’ Rembrandt2011
Jennifer LueGaoWoman as City: Depictions of Women and the City Urban Project in Chinese Contemporary Art2011
Carolyn MurinChristianIs Beauty Truth and Truth Beauty? Venetian Portraiture of the Sixteenth Century, Titian’s La Flora and La Bella2011
Liesl OstergaardSavageSeparation Barrier Graffiti at Bethlehem: Public Art in a Contested Area2011
Mathew ShowmanSmithRagnar Kjartansson2011
Marie WilliamsMcCloskeyVeshch'/Gegenstand/Objet: El Lissitzky and the Socialist Object in Western Europe2011
Sherry YadloskyMcCloskeyRepresentations of the New Woman in Weimar Art and Political Propaganda2011
Hanlu ZhangEllenbogenSontag Against Sontag: Problems in Photographic Presentation2011
Seth BartlettSavageTiber Creek: Washington D.C.'s Unrelenting Piece of History2010
Jennifer HousemanBenderThe Allure of the Garden Theatre: Its Existence as a Northside Institution2010
Steven LewisEllenbogenSeeing Sound: Hans Jenny and the Cymatic Atlas2010
Lauren MacerossHarrisEl Greco's Embedded Portraiture2010
Patrick MansfieldBender and McCloskeyProgression, Stasis and Gender: The Postage Stamp in East Germany2010
Amy WeingartnerEllenbogenMonstrous Monsters in Modern China2010
Christine CarpenterBenderI.M. Pei's National Gallery of Art2009
Lori FrolaSmithContemporary Art in Chile2009
Ike HarijantoEllenbogenPictorial Confrontation to Science and Universal Communication2009
Julie HodasMcCloskeyImages of Motherhood in Weimar Germany2009
Steven LewisMcCloskeyEmil Nolde: Reconciling Past and Party2009
Lauren MacLaughlinChristianDante Portraiture in the Time of Duke Cosimo I de'Medici: Bronzino's Mute Poetry-Two Allegories in Context2009
Tasha MoweryMcCloskeyScience and Art Restoration2009
Nicole ScalissiSmithOne Cold Hand: Relation Aesthetics in Pittsburgh2009
Julie SteinbrinkMcCloskeyArt as Therapy for WWI Artist-Veterans in Weimar Germany2009
Michele CampbellChristianThe Influence of Dante's Beatrice on Michelangelo's Female Figures2008
Erin HinsonChristianMantegna's visione all'antica: The St. James Frescoes, Northern Italian Antiquarianism, and the Roman Bias2008
Cory RiceEllenbogenReflections of Rrose: Duchamp and Warhol on Gender2008
Meaghan ColahanWeisExamining the Winemaking Motif on Attic Pottery and in Egyptian Tomb Paintings2008
Hannah KauffmannEllenbogenThe Decisive Moment: Explored through the HCB's Photography and Garry Winogrand2008
Rachel O'HaraBenderCommonalities between the Landscapes of Caspar David Friedrich and the Early Chinese Landscapes2008
Nicole RosatoEllenbogenEdward Weston and Henrietta Shore: How Painters See Photographically2008
Emma WaterlooTokerThe Rise of the Architectural Drawing: A Journey in Development2008
Lindsay WhartonStonesBibles of Kings: Images of David in the Bibles Moralisées and the Morgan Picture Bible2008
Alex DixonBenderThe New Castles of Potsdamer Platz2008
Savannah FisherMcCloskeyUS Reception to a Proclaimed 'Degenerate': A Study of Edvard Munch2008
Nicole HinkleEllenbogenAn Exploration of Abstraction through Titles and Authorship during the Abstract Expressionist Period2008
Kristi Jan HooverEllenbogenViolence and Psychology in Photography2008
Anne PavlickHarrisThe Young Painter in His Studio": Rembrandt's Masterful Introduction of the "Artist in His Studio" Genre to the Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art World2008
Kim SorensenHarrisAdélaïde Labille-Guiard and the French Revolution2007
Sarah StewartEllenbogenPiaget's Theory of Cognitive Development in Tana Hoban's Picture Books2007
Ariane SarnoChristianHomosocial Networks of Patronage Within the Papal Court as Seen through Portraits by Raphael2007
Adam AmrheinArmstrongThrowing Stones: The Social and Architectural Implications of the Phipps Conservatory2007
Allison FrymoyerHarrisUnmasking Sofonisba: Discovering her True Self-portraits2007
Jamie LeonardiMcCloskeySex, Serial Murders and Sensationalism: A Study of Otto Dix, George Grosz and Lustmord2007
Maureen LoganGerhart and LinduffThe Japanese Oil Painting of Takahashi Yuichi and Koyama Shotaro: A New Way of Seeing Capitalism?2007
Dallas SheldahlHarrisThe Role of the Spanish Inquisition in the Work of Velazquez and Goya2007
Donald SimpsonSavageThe City Useful: The Planning of Schenley Plaza, 1911-19182007
Sara VogelStonesThe Annunciation: An Exploration of Aesthetic in Sacred Art with Byzantine and Fifteenth-Century Italian Renaissance Examples2007
Felicite ZimmermannSheonVincent van Gogh's Admiration and Emulation of Adolphe Monticelli2007
Steven GuerrisiBenderDaniel Libeskind's Jewish Museum, and the Psychological Effect of Spatial Experiences on Patrons2007
Jennifer RothMcCloskeyAnselm Kiefer's Books2007
Gretchen MantheyChurchillThe Altarpiece of the Nativity: Its Place in Early Netherlandish Painting2006
Darin StineChristianRepresentations of Raphael's Muse2006
Przemyslaw LinkaBenderThe Coast of Rügen and the Artistic Development of Caspar David Friedrich2006
Holli JanoskiHarrisMary Magadalen: 1st-Century Penitent or 17th-Century Aristocrat2006
Curt RiegelneggMcCloskeyUnraveling Paul Klee’s Eastern Mystique2006
Emily SchantzTokerSchenley High School: A Textbook Example of Form Following Function2006
Emily KirkpatrickStonesThe Gotha Missal: Patronage and an Analysis of Illumination2005
Robert BaileySmithCreating the Contemporary: The 2004 Carnegie International and the Biennale Explosion2005
Rebecca D'AcuntoSavageA Homely Woman's Opinion of a Pretty One: Jane Grey Swisshelm, Vinnie Ream, and the Image of Moral Reform in Nineteenth-Century America2005
Kevi Lee Furgason-ClemChurchillDeath of the Miser and the Ship of Fools in Hieronymous Bosch2005
Renee GondekWeisThe Sundial of Augustus2005
Christian SchoeningPillerClement Greenberg2005
Brenna DruryBenderMethodological Concerns in the Research of Installation Art, Using the Use of Shadows and Light in the Work of Christian Boltanski as Case Study2004
Chirstopher GuignonHearnA Comparison of Heidegger’s Philosophies of Dwelling and the Origin of Art and 16th and 17th c. Japanese Architecture2004
Norah KrakoskyLinduffThe Effects of the Three Rivers Dam Project on the Cultural Artifacts of the Yangtze River Region2004
Sarah LukensTokerReception and Promotion of Modern Architecture in American Periodicals of 1930s2004
Adam SecolaNealAntoni Gaudi2004
Emily SemrauSheonPopular Imagery and the French Revolution2004