History of Art and Architecture

Nicole Coffineau


Nicole researches the history of photography, modernity, and the avant-garde in Western Europe. Her dissertation considers the history of photography in Italy before World War I, and relations amongst collecting practices, social thought, technology, nationalism, and the artistic avant-garde. Nicole is also a critic and curator, focusing upon photography, portraiture, theories and histories of contemporary art, and intersections amongst art, politics, and activism. She has been a member of HAA since 2013, and advanced to candidacy in 2016.

Education Details

University of Chicago, MA, 2011. Thesis title: Psycho Ethics: Douglas Gordon and Socio-Technic Perception, Advisor: Patrick Jagoda

Virginia Polytech. Institute and State University, BA, 2008, History of Art

Selected Publications

“Alessandro Pavia’s Album dei Mille: Collection, Archive, and National Identity during the Italian Risorgimento,” History of Photography, vol. 41, iss. 1 (UK: Taylor and Francis, 2017)

“On UPRISING #38,” in Performing Revolutionary, Nicole Garneau ed. (Wilmington, NC: Intellect Books, forthcoming)

“The Quiet Ones,” in 365 Profile Pics, Sean Fader and Elizabeth Denny, eds. (New York: Denny Gallery, 2017)